Coming July 22, 2019... Online Bill Pay TM is New & Improved

We are proud to announce that on July 22, 2019, we will be launching our newly enhanced Online Bill Pay system, designed to improve your overall banking experience with Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent! With our new, free Online Bill Pay system, you will be able to manage your bill payments with ease.

Important Items to Know:
  1. Your payees, bank account (s) and scheduled payments (including payment models) will be converted.
  2. All payment scheduling will be with a “deliver by” date. You will no longer need to select a “send on” date. Payments will be withdrawn from your account on the deliver by date or when the check clears your account.
  3. In addition to the payment methods you have been using, the new bill pay system may also send check payments that will clear directly against your account. This will be especially common shortly after the conversion while the new system is learning your behavior but will likely decrease over time.
  4. You will be able to enroll in Bill pay through a greatly enhanced and simplified process.
  5. Bill pay history will not be converted.

New Features:
  • Payments scheduled by a "deliver" date.
    You will be able to pick your Payment Date to be the same as your bill’s statement due date, as long as it doesn’t fall on a weekend or holiday. If your bill’s statement date falls on a weekend or holiday, you will need to schedule your payment the business day before.
  • Make recurring payments.
    Flexible spending options available when scheduling recurring payments.
  • Enhanced Bill Pay experience.
    Simpler enrollment process and view supported Bill Pay details directly in the bill pay system.
  • Set reminders.
    Establish Automated Bill Pay or user defined reminders for your payees within bill pay.
  • Rush payment options
    Forget to pay a bill? Bill pay provides an Overnight Check or Same Day Bill Payment *option to rush your payment to a payee.
    *The payment is sent electronically (same day as scheduled) and cannot be stop once scheduled. The Rush Delivery payment option will appear only if the payee is capable of receiving this type of same day payment.

Conversion Timeline:

On or before July 18, 2019:

To ensure timely delivery of bills during the upgrade, all payments between July 18th and July 22nd should be scheduled as noted below.

Any changes that need to be made to bill pay, including downloading existing bill payment transaction history, should be completed by 1:59 pm on July 18th. If you need to schedule a payment after bill pay access is removed, you will need to pay your bill by using other means (e.g. paying directly via the biller’s website) until bill pay access is restored on July 22nd.

July 18, 2019:
Bill Pay service will be unavailable starting 2:00pm July 18th through 11:00am July 22nd. (Estimated Times). You will not be able to access any bill pay functionality during this time including scheduling new payments. Although, you will be able to view your accounts. 

July 18, 2019 - July 22, 2019:

Bill payments scheduled with a payment date through July 18th will be processed and paid by our current bill pay processor. Bill payments scheduled with a payment date of July 19th and later will be paid by our new bill pay processor. As part of the upgrade, the following bill pay information will be transferred to our new bill pay processor:
  • Consumer Information
  • Active Bank Accounts
  • Active Payees
  • Future-dated Payments
  • Recurring Payment Models
July 22, 2019:

Our new Online Bill Pay System will be available to access by 11am.

While many of your payees and recurring payments should transfer automatically, we recommend the following:
  • Verify that your payee information is correct, including name, address and account number.
  • Verify that bill payments are being funded by the correct account if you have multiple checking accounts.